Genre: Electronic / Electro Funk / Drum & Bass

Numer of Tracks: 10

Available Formats:

Mp3 320kbps: $9.49



About the Release

José Alejandro Parra's side project Zoundcolector goes to the multi-genre  realm with the collaboration of his long-time partner producer Luis Pulido. Released in October 2018  this full-length, titled homologous, had 10 tracks and collaborations from Sinaia & Soy on vocals. Which reflects their influences, representing a huge range of styles, from future-funk, nu-disco, electro-rock, synthwave to drum & bass. They emphasize groove and rhythm in everything they do. Their unique sound is a powerful statement, with pulsing, blasting electronic upbeats, synths and overdriven guitars that will blow your senses into new and unexpected areas. Zoundcolector's LP It is a journey of change, transition, and evolution.




Japp Beats is a Venezuelan producer and Dj, based in Bogotá, Colombia. He is one of the most exciting and innovative live acts to emerge from the Latin American electronic music scene.

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